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French Connection – Cercle Polaire

We send a big and warm thank you to our five French friends who joined CreActive Adventure for a expedition to the Arctic Circle. Blue skies, -24 cold night with wonderful moonlight, sauna and good food. Real off trail snow mobiling in deep snow. We hope to see you back next winter for [...]

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Tourist Information

What is the best way to make people know about your products? Bring them out in the cold. Some happy faces from a mini snow shoe expedition with the tourist office girls from Boden City the other day.      

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Happy New Year – Feliz Ano!

All good things have an end, and so did also the adventures of the year 2008. Great thanks to all our clients that have joined us during this year for different adventures in the North on water, snow and in the outback of Swedish Lapland. The last expedition of 2008 went to the [...]

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Midwinter – Snowshoe

21 st of December the real midwinter day. Celebrated by the vikings and our ancesters. Off course Team CreActive have to Celebrate as well. So why not a snowshoe tour to the highest peak in the area. A good ending of a great adventure year! Enjoy the images! [...]

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Arctic Circle- Ski Extreme

A few weeks ago I got a different request from my webdesigner Stefan ( who also is a good alpine skier) He showed me a clip from Canada where som guys were sking "pillows" in the forest landscape. "Do you know a place here in Lapland where I can do this?"....After a while I remembered [...]

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Winter Wonderland

December, the darkest month of the year. We still have 10 days to go before we reach midwinter which is 21st of December. We wont see the sun again until around 15th of January. The Polarnight is over us. This morning we had -26C, all the landscape surronding us is covered with 40 -50 cm [...]

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November up here in Swedish Lapland is a strange month, we are in a kind of twilight zone. The Sun hardly reaches the horizon in the morning before it dissappears again. The weather is mixed -15C one day and +5C the other day. Not autumn and not winter. But theres one great activity that makes [...]

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Ewen Bell Gallery

Summer is gone in Swedish Lapland. This morning we had the lowest temprature so far this autumn - 15C. Clear skies, fresh cold air and the smell of snow.... Just found a image gallery from our friend in Australia, the professional photographer Mr Ewen Bell. As mentioned earlier in the blog he made a visit [...]

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amigos y aventura

Last week we had the pleasure of Spanish guests from Madrid for a Multiadventure week. Rafting, MTB and some fantastic Sea Kayaking at Grand Laplander Lake. Its a great benifit for us to bring out guest at some white spots of the map. Here in Swedish Lapland theres a lot of them. Into the wild [...]

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Visit from DownUnder

This Weekend we at CreActive Adventure had the pleasure to get a visit from the Professional Photographer and writer Mr Ewen Bell from Australia, passing through Northern Scandinavia for the magazine Outdoor Australia. During 24 intensive hours we could bring Ewen out on some out standing adventures in Råne River Valley. Sea Kayaking at Grand [...]

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