Mountain Fly Fishing

Hi! Finally it was time for the annual mountain trip to the Pite River running from the Sulitelma Glaciers in Norway to the Bothnic coast of Sweden, including flyfishing in crystal clear waters of the mighty Pite River. Good food, a tropical sun and killing heat in the subarctic Swedish Lapland. +30C is not a game on this latitude. Believe me…..there is a hole in the ozone layer. Still the cold glacial water could cool us down from the great fishing we had on our thin fly rods. With a great weekend of brown trout fishing , sun burned as new boiled red crayfish we returned happy with a mind full of memories and adventures that will keep us warm in the long and cold winter up here in Swedish Lapland.

Great thanks to Mike, Sigge and Rickard 🙂


Best protection agains mosquitoz and lapland sun. This image was taken on a steep hill.


A real happy face on Rickard and a nice Brown trout!


Crystal clear water from the glaciers!


Two generations of real fishermen watching the eternal Midnight sun.

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