Canoeing in beaverland – Nature watching

Along with with experienced guide you get an exciting outdoor experience in Råne River Valley. Quiet you paddle in a canoe on the river’s scenic and quieter parts and make a visit to the beavers’ habitat. By staying low-key, you can get close to these shy animals. For the best chance of detecting them, you should go out during the early morning or late afternoon. To visit a beaver hut and take part of the beaver’s lifestyle give you a new perspective of the river and the forest. Did you know that this hard-working animal can fell trees with a diameter of as much as 50 centimeters in just one night?

Guided paddle tour in calm waters among wild beavers in their real habitat. Stop for coffee/Tea and sandwich. Good chances to see beaver and other wildlife such as birds, moose and maybe reindeer

Price: SEK 1395 per person