End of Winter!

Finally spring and almost Summer. After a long dark and snowy winter we have daylight for 24 h again, The snow have melted away filling up the rivers with loads of wild white water. The last snowmobiling for the season took place on the 28th of April. Three days later we could pump our rafts for the first time of this year for recon trips on our rivers in the forest country. Today on the 26th of May we already been out rafting with 5 groups the latest weeks. Cold water, great fun and a trim for the guides to get in shape for the coming summer.


Our greetings and big thanks to our latest Guests joining us on the river! Hope to see you soon on the water with us again!


Gåhlin Group, men ready for Action!


Okey guys keep on the right side!Ohh noo! Probably the wrong side.... want to go back upstream!


Too late! Here we go......swimming!


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