Adventure Memories Summer 2010

Hi Adventure Friends! The autumn is entering in Swedish Lapland. Checking through some images from a great summer season for CreActive Adventure. Great groups and a lot of fun we wish you welcome back for the winter season that probably will be here in a few months!

The university of Luleå with their annual rafting premiere, Still loads of ice in the river but great fun rafting!


The midnight sun in Spiken Cabin, summer night magic!


Åsa getting ready for 26 m of abseil at Snipen Rock!


Bringing som fishing rods on a rafting tour and getting in contact with the local northern crocodiles!


Flyfishing with the Russian guests at Kaitumjaure Lake. A beautiful big trout paradise in the Swedish mountain range.


Rhiannon from The Guardian enjoying a Sea Kayak tour on the Luleå River at Treehotel in Harads.


The old pinetree (500yrs) is still growing, it got protected many years ago. Maybe time to put a new sign on it?

Evening fishing at Gorgim lake, Elias is eager to see the fish mum caught...


Mirror cube at Treehotel. Magic?

Happy friends from Visit sweden after a great rafting adventure on Råne River!

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