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Deep snow

Hi! Adventure friends! The real winter has started in Swedish Lapland. On the 28th of December we made the first trail up to the Arctic Circle. Hard work for snow mobiles and guides. What we found on our way was deep untouched powder snow. Even though we have done this many times before, its more [...]

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Rafting girls – Märkvärdig

Hi! Adventure friends, looking through the image and videos from a long season out in the wild we found a great clip from one of the first rafting tours this season when the girl team from the succesful marketing and event company Märkvärdig Kommunikation joined us for a day of rafting on the Råne River [...]

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Water above your head

Hi! Adventure friends, there is still a month of good white water adventures here in the north. Equipped with wetsuit, dry jacket, wetshoes a steady rafting life jacket and helmet the water is not to cold to enjoy. Take part of our white water adventures in the image gallery above from last weekend. Dont hesitate [...]

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Kaitum River Expedition

First week of August our Swedish -American group arrived for a week of rafting and fly fishing on the Kaitum River. One of the most beautiful rivers up here in northern sweden. Beside of a world class rafting in grade 3 -5 Kaitum offers great fishing for trout and grayling. We got a exiting week [...]

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Mountain Fly Fishing

Hi! Finally it was time for the annual mountain trip to the Pite River running from the Sulitelma Glaciers in Norway to the Bothnic coast of Sweden, including flyfishing in crystal clear waters of the mighty Pite River. Good food, a tropical sun and killing heat in the subarctic Swedish Lapland. +30C is not a [...]

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Reportage – Sydney Morning Herald

We at CreActive Adventure got very happy reading the nice story of Ewen Bell in the Sydney Morning Herald last week who joined us for some days of adventure in Råne River valley. Great thanks to Ewen and we wish you welcome back to Lapland! Team CreActive Adventure

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Icebreaking – First on the water!

Probably CreActive Adventure have the most eager guides to get out first on the water and in to the rapids. No tropical rafting here, no through the ice for the first descent of the year. Helmet, drysuit, gloves and warm clothing recommended. But its nice to get out there again and into the [...]

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Spring in Lapland – Rafting

Click the image to view the slideshow from last years rafting premiere! Dear Adventure Friends. So finally a long winter have passed us again. Snow melting have started, the spring starts up here when we have positive tempratures for several days for 24h. The migrating birds are now flying in over us and [...]

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Dutch Mountain Expedition

So finally the time had come for the annual long expedition with our 10 Dutch friends. After some weeks of planning we found a new route for this year. Last year we went over to Norway and the Sulitelma Glaciers, this year we made THE ALL LAPLAND EXPEDITON. Five river valleys and some [...]

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